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Flagship brand C.Comeliness jewelry is one professional jewelry brand expressing China emotion using uniqueness and gracefulness to design jewelry. It has entered  mainland China over 20 cities and has possessed 58 stores. C. Comeliness possesses the global design resources and invites the designer with the background of different cultures to explain the beauty of Chinese emotion in cross-domain and cultural angle of view.

Room 404, TTF Internation Jewelry Design Building, No.2113, North Road Cuizhu,Luohu District,Shenzhen.




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C.Comeliness invites all kinds of talents to join and provide the opportunity of promoting skills,career and realizing your own goal. Grow together with company when you develop your personal career.
You can choose to submit resume mail and send it to C.Comeliness Human Resources email box. We will reply you at the first time. Thank you for your trust on C.Comeliness jewelry.


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Inherit technology and deduce the essence of traditional technology
again in modern design idea.

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