Love Token

You give me small gift ,but feeling is invaluable. No matter how much I give back, it can not express my feeling!—— Book of Songs

The connotation and romance of China emotion let love token embody the envoy of bearing emotion and however the invariable jewelry and diamond represent the preciousness and permanence of emotion.

C.Comeliness insists on integrating various imagines into jewelry and using the modern design to endow jewelry with flavour of art to build the love token that can pass on the unique emotion of Chinese people.

Inherit Technology

Deduce the essence of traditional technology
again in modern design idea

C.Comeliness applies the enamel material for making decorative accessory and wrist watch in the jewelry.Use delicate and exquisite skill to make it to complement each other with diamond to glow another beauty.Endow jewelry with quiet beauty by using step shake and traditional carving etc structural features for reference.C.Comeliness looks for traditional technology continuously, applies it into jewelry and endows the works with unique temperament of arts and crafts

China element model

C.Comeliness jewelry is good at capturing China cultural element

The classical works of brand Lion Mei Mei shows in clever leap and spunkiest lion dance model element by taking China classical lion dance image as blueprint of writing.It is promising. Imply fortune , wonderful start, joyfulness and affluence.

Ten kinds of Sichun brocade

Talented woman of Tang Dynasty dyes paper into romantic color by taking grass and trees as material. Fine print sends the deep feeling. Letter paper of gentility becomes tide.C.Comeliness looks for letter paper technology handed down up to now and inherits the fashion.The pink named by ten kinds of Sichun brocade undoubtedly becomes the presentative color of China love and is chosen the standard color of C.Comeliness jewelry gradually. The mark compact became fashionable since then.